Benefits For Members

Greenhouse Nova Scotia is the commodity association representing the industry and the interests of greenhouse growers across the province. GNS operates through a Board of Directors, consisting of 8 growers elected by the membership. The main focus of the association is the education of its members, although the association represents the industry on many forefronts.

The advantages of being a GNS member are many. The role of the association adjusts as the industry develops and changes. The Board is always receptive to hearing new ways in which the association can contribute to the success of the industry. Feedback can be directed to any of the board members anytime.

  • Education
  • Bulk Purchases
    cardboard carry-out trays
    greenhouse highway sign
  • Lobbying
    Representing the industry to government
  • Pesticide Recertification
    Training for point accumulation
  • Growers’ Bench Newsletter
    Source of industry information
  • Networking
  • Marketing
    100 series highway signs